Lincoln Park Family Pictures – Liam’s Big Adventure

It’s always amazing to me how different kids can be from one another.  Even at an early age, it’s shocking how quickly children start developing their own unique personality.    As a children’s photographer, it’s my job to capture that personality.


Meet Liam.  Him and his family wanted to get some milestone photos done for his recent birthday.  Like a lot of children, Liam was a bit nervous when we were first introduced.

                                                              Who is this guy with the big camera?

I’m still not exactly sure who this guy is… but my parents are smiling and having a fun time.  I’ll follow close behind and check it out.

Wait a second… Why did everybody suddenly stop?

Ambush leaf attack! I knew it!

OMG! Enhanced interrogation techniques!

I didn’t surrender.  I only called time out.

Do you see it, Mom!? A Duck!!!

I don’t know how or why I’m suddenly allowed up here, but I like it!

Ok so Liam obviously didn’t really say those things, but I have to be somewhat close… right?

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