Meet Graham: The almost 6 month old + Chicago Baby Photographer + In-house portait session

Whenever I’m asked to shoot baby pictures at someone’s house, even though I’ve done it tons of times, I always get a little nervous about the light situation.  After all, there’s so much out of your control.  What kinds of lights are in the house? Are there any open areas near a window we can use as our stage?   It’s always a challenge.  While I do always bring lights with me just in case, I’ll always prefer to use natural light.  Luckily for me, Alison and Jeff (a couple living in River North who had contacted me to take photos for their little boy Graham) have an AMAZING apartment with a great back window.  While we had hoped to shoot outside for at least some of the shoot, the 30-40 mile per hour wind gusts kept us indoors.  Given the way these photos turned out, I don’t think it really mattered 🙂

Alison and Jeff wanted a better Christening portrait for Graham. Mission accomplished? 🙂

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