Ethan’s First Christmas Pictures! – Chicago In-Studio baby photography

I don’t know about you all, but it’s approaching 48 hours since Thanksgiving and I’m getting a bit worried because my belt is still feeling a bit smug.  I don’t want to move up another notch 🙁  Why did that pumpkin and banana pie have to be so delicious?  Why!? Anyway, enough about my figure.  The great thing about Thanksgiving is that once it’s done, we’re thrown smack dab into Christmas season and that means one thing: baby Christmas photos!  Unlike a lot of my shoots during the summer where we had the opportunity to spend more time outside, most of my shoots over the past few weeks have been at the studio.  That said, I’m typically not a huge fan of stuffy studio portraiture so when approaching this recent influx of baby portraits, I wanted to give the pictures a modern, clean look.  Meet Ethan – this little guy is about 9 months old and is looking forward to celebrating his first Christmas!

At first, Ethan was a little nervous warming up

After some reassurance from Mom (Heather), Ethan was ready to go!

First, a photo without the hat!


Bam! We got a Christmas photo!


Before leaving, we decided it was warm enough to get at least one outdoor picture 🙂

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