What do we mean when we say “stylize” a photo?

A question I get pretty much every day from our clients (especially our loyal Groupon customers) is: “What do you mean when you stylize a photo?”   Despite the fact that I basically made this word up (haha), I was actually surprised by how many people didn’t instinctively know what I was talking about.  To put it simply: When I say “stylize” a photo, I basically mean to alter the colors of the image to achieve a different look.  To walk you through an example, I’ve chosen this lovely children’s photo below.

The photo above is straight from the camera. No editing (aside from the silly watermark). Not too bad, right?
This photo received my standard color-correction treatment. Every photo you ever receive from Winston and Khan goes through this process.  WAY better!
This photo has been stylized to fit with a more “Fall” theme. Notice how the yellows and oranges are exaggerated? Yep, I did that on purpose.
A more vintage-esque style was applied here. This is what I would consider a “softer” Fall theme.
  • Turning photos black and white is another example of stylizing a photo. In this particular black and white photo, I wanted to give it an old-school 20’s type feel to it.


As you may come to guess, a lot of what I do comes down to taste.  Sometimes you get photos like the one above where it looks awesome in a lot of different flavors – others are not so forgiving.  It’s my job to make sure you get the best one every time 🙂  Hope this clarifies any confusion!  (Oh, and for the record – there are more options than the 3 I’ve posted here!)



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