Hasler Family Twins! – Chicago In-Home Baby Photography

Ok, I’m going to be honest here people.  Twins are pretty awesome.  I mean, could you imagine?  You and your significant finally make the monumental decision to have A child…. then suddenly… you have TWO!  Talk about a mind-blowing situation.  Despite the fact that my notes had told me the Hasler’s had two six month old daughters, I STILL had a Keeanu Reeves moment when I got there and saw the two little ones with my own eyes (read: “Woah.”).  I could only imagine how Mr. Hasler felt when he found out the news 🙂  Pretty unique scenario if you ask me!

As many of you all know, I actually had the opportunity to photograph another set of twins earlier in the year about the same age as the Hasler daughters so I was totally excited to try it again.   Much like before, it was comical to see how the girls used each other as props.

There we go!

With a little patience, it didn’t take long to snap the photography above.


Blowing bubbles.


Rolling along!   I had never seen such an agile 6 month old before.


I’ve noticed a lot of kids from 6mo-12mo develop what I call “The ET Probe.”  Endearing, to say the least.

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