The Wagler Family – In Studio Chicago Baby Portraiture

Continuing the recent trend, I’ve been doing more in studio baby portrait shoots this past month than the rest of the year combined. (Given the frigid weather, it’s no surprise.  Yeesh Chicago is cold) While at first I felt most portraits turned out a bit stuffy, I’ve been honing in on my own style that I feel provides a modern twist to a classic look.  With the Wagler family, their little one was primed for the stage.  One drawback with the night time studio session is that we’re not really able to use much natural light.  Luckily for us, the photography-grade fluorescent bulbs we have make a good backup 🙂

I’m very particular when it comes to creating a stage for these shoots and truly believe simplicity is the answer.  Why diminish the value of the photo for some cheap proprs (ie, ABC blocks)?  By keeping it simple, I feel my photos achieve a sense of timelessness.  I’ve slowly been adding onto our prop collection but I’m pretty picky to be honest.

Props used: White blanket.

Modern – yet classic.  That was my goal, at least 🙂

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