Chicago Baby Photographer – Top 5 Favorite Photos of 2011!

Having had the opportunity to shoot 100+ babies over the course of these past 12 months, I must admit I learned a lot through all the experience.  Before this year, as many of you know, I spent most of my time doing various concerts for bands of all sizes.  These days, it seems I’ve taken a liking towards a new subject.  As a Chicago baby photographer, it’s hard to decide which photos you like the most simply because of how many I’ve shot this year.  After hours of consideration, I’ve narrowed the collection down to my favorite 5 photos of the year.  Now mind you, I wouldn’t argue that these are my “best” photos of the year, but I think they are all unique in various ways.  The kids involved were all awesome in their own little ways so all I can say is that I’m happy to have had the opportunity to take photos of them.  I tried to select photos I otherwise had not posted on the site, but there are a few babies you’ll recognize 🙂  Without further adeiu, here are my favorite baby photographs of the year.  All done by yours truly!

This picture above is a bit biased as it is featuring my young godchild Kael on his second birthday.  As you’ll notice, the little one had his arm in a cast from an accident a few weeks prior.  It clearly didn’t dampen his spirits 🙂

The photo above was taken at a birthday party earlier in the year.  The little guy was (maybe still is, I haven’t checked in a while) featured in our catalog and if you’ve been to our studio, you’ll probably recognize him from one of the canvases we have laying around.  Adorable little bub.

I love this photo because of some of the post processing I was able to do.  Shooting this with my 35mm on the crop censor camera (which makes it more like 55mm), I feel she looks like a porcelain doll.  Her twin brother was awesome too.

Graham was featured in one of our Chicago baby photographer posts earlier this year.  I love his hat.

Adorable little girl with an awesome family.  She was a tad shy at first, but I think this photos really allows her personality to shine through.

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