Chicago Baby Photographer – The Murphy Family

So, how was everyone’s New Years?  For me, it’s been great.  Given the craziness of the holiday season (I had over 40 families get their Christmas pictures taken with me this year), I was happy to settle down into some normalcy heading into 2012 (That, and I’ve been celebrating nonstop since the University of Alabama won the national championship! Roll Tide! :).  That said, I’m happy to say things are finally picking up again.  Over the weekend, I was contacted by the Murphy family to take photos of their 6 week old baby Braden.  It had been roughly 2 weeks since I had a photo shoot with a baby so I was ready to jump right back into my role as a Chicago baby photographer.  The little guy, despite not even being 2 months old yet, was full of energy.  He was even able to support his head while laying on his belly! What a beast! Anyway, here are the photos:







“Are you seriously cutting me off?! It’s not even noon!”



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