Studio Baby Photography – Meet Riley: She Just Turned 2 Years Old!

Birthdays are awesome.  Especially when you’ve only had two of them.  Or if you’re a Chicago baby photographer.  Recently, I was contacted by the Dietz family to take photos of their little one Riley.  In addition to being her second birthday, the pictures were also going to be a surprise for father for Valentine’s Day.   She even gave me a card before she left.  Too sweet, right? What’s awesome about two year olds is how developed their personality is at such a young age.  If any of you had a chance to spend time with a two year old, you’ll know they’re often the most unpredictable, emotionally-driven creatures on Earth.  And while that often brings a lot of frustration, more often than not they bring a smile to your face.  That’s why we love them!

Anyway, I’ve been forced to shoot in the studio more often as of late which is totally fine with me given the cold weather.  Given that, I’ve recently been trying different methods to give these studio pictures more of a “twist.”  I’m pretty happy with the results – I think they bring out Riley’s natural sweetness.  Take a gander and let me know your thoughts! As you can see, near the end of the shoot little Riley was a bit tuckered out 🙂



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