Chicago Baby Photographer – In the Studio With Sophia!

One of the most common questions I’m asked before many of my in-studio baby photography sessions is what props we have.  And while we do have some limited props that we cycle through depending on the season, I usually recommend the parents bring their own.  Why?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  For one, props you bring from your home usually have more significant meaning than ones found at any photography studio.  While we all know studio portraits tend to be more formal than the photojournalistic sessions I often do on location, having special meaning to the props makes the photos more special.  Recently, I had the fortunate opportunity to take baby pictures of one year old Sophia (she actually doesn’t turn one for a few more weeks, but we’ll keep that between us!).  In addition to bringing some special props (her stuffed animal monkey and custom-painted piggy bank), her parents also wanted to dress her up a bit for the special occasion.  What better way to represent how fast your daughter grows up by giving her lipstick and over sized jewelry?  What’s amazing about little Sophia is how she kept a huge smile on her face for the entire session.  And despite barely being one year old, she was incredibly agile (walking strong!)  and smart! She even waved goodbye to me after the session was over.  Too cute.

The second reason I dislike most generic props is because they are often overly cheesy.  Why take pictures of your children with toys or objects they would otherwise not come in contact with?  By having your own personal props in the shoot, it keeps some semblance of personality in the photo.

Little Sophia loved her newly acquired jewelry 🙂



“Well done, sir! Well done.”

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