Chicago Baby Photographer – Sari’s In House Session (6 Months Old)

I’ve said it once, and I’ll probably say it 100 more times, but in terms of baby photography, my favorite age to shoot is at around 6 months.  Why, you ask? Well, because they’re big enough to sit up, tolerant enough to lay on their bellies for short periods of time, but not big enough to run away 🙂 Meet Sari – one of the most adorable 6 months old in the land!  Her parents recently contacted me to help commemorate Sari’s big 6-month milestone at her house, and quite frankly, I’m pretty happy with the results. Walking into their beautiful Northbrook home, I was greeted with an amazing photo (by another photographer – props to whoever took it) of Sari as a newborn.  Seeing that, I knew they truly valued the awesomeness of a great picture.   The pressure was on 🙂 (Honestly, I have a bit of a complex where I like to leave my photo sessions knowing I’ve provided my client with the best pictures they’ve ever had taken of themselves… With that awesome newborn portrait on the wall, I knew I had to step up my game :))

For this shoot, I tried something a little different than what I usually do.  At one point, I wanted to give it the illusion of us being in the studio despite it being a Chicago baby photography session at their home.  Since I was without my studio lights, we were forced to make sure it was done with natural light. Using one of Sari’s blankets, we held the back part of it up to give the illusion of a backdrop.  After some modifications in post, I think the results were pretty awesome.

6 month olds typically can sit up on their own… but it doesn’t mean they’re perfect 🙂


“Ohhh my gaaaad!”


Look! I’m flying!!

Here’s that “faux studio” we made with a little sunlight and a rather large blanket. 🙂

Imagine the looks you’d get if you were an adult trying to do this.

Northbrook photographer


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