Chicago Baby Photographer – The Keating Siblings

Siblings are awesome.  I personally come from a pretty regular sized family (I only have one sister), but both of my parents had hordes of siblings (my mom has 4 sisters and my dad has 5 brothers – weird, right?).  But what makes them awesome is that they are essentially built-in best friends.  While my sister and I haven’t always been close (who’s close with their younger sister when you’re 13 – not this guy!), we’ve since become best buds.  As a Chicago baby photographer, I try to capture each sibling in their own unique way.

Moving along, I was really excited to hear I was taking pictures of the Keating kids.   With the weather having been so unpredictable as of late and with them coming from Glenview,  we hadn’t decided until last minute that we were going to do the shoot at the studio.  Despite being cold, it was an otherwise beautiful day outside that I knew we had to take advantage of in some way.  Rather than doing the entire shoot inside or outside, we decide to split it up – essentially doing the first portion at the studio while reserving the last 10-15 minutes of shooting outside (realistically, that was about how long we could tolerate the cold before becoming uncomfortable for the little ones).  Either way, we introduced a few new props (balloons, whoop!) and had an awesome time.  I think the baby pictures turned out awesome 🙂

Just your normal, run of the mill studio portrait.  What a smile, right?

“Hey, I see you!”  I love when the kids take an interest in my photography 🙂

I really really really like the way this turned out.  I feel he should be a baby model for Gerber or something.  Some post effects were added to soften up the image and give it that “pure” look.


I had a difficult time deciding whether to make this photo black and white or not.  In color, his eyes are literally an explosion of blue.

As you can tell by this children’s photography, there are highlights of purple that give the image a more “urban” look.  Given her outfit, I love the way it looks 🙂

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