Chicago Baby Photographer – ONE YEAR OLD STUDIO SESSION!

One year old’s are quite the little bundles of energy.  Here’s a recent in-studio session I recently completed for a soon-to-be one year old little baby!

The usual post work I try to achieve with my studio Chicago baby photography is that of more of a vintage look.  It’s one of the challenges of shooting in a studio environment.  Despite the photos being all “technically” the same, you always have to try new approaches to your post processing work.  Here are some split toning examples using warmer and cooler tones.  Each have their unique pros and cons, but I think they both work 🙂

Is it me or does it look like she’s threatening to knock me out?

The ribbon used for her birthday hat was also used for a quick flossing session.  Squeaky clean!  You’ll notice I like to do both a bit of candid photos and formal portraits when people come to the studio.

As you can tell I’ve been on a really big black and white bender lately.  One special thing about one year old milestones is that typically we try to celebrate the child’s newfound ability to walk.  And while not all 12 month old babies are able to stand upright,  I feel it’s important to represent that achievement in the photos I take for those children who can. This little one was all over the studio.  While awesome, it also made me a little nervous.  Gotta love it!


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