Chicago Fashion Photographer – Creative Art Photography

The reason why I love being a Chicago fashion photographer is the way it allows me to be a little more creative with my shoots.  While I’m totally open to doing stuff out of the box for my other types of work, typically my clients prefer more traditional work.  With fashion, however, the limitations are endless.  I’ve been working on a collection of fine art pieces that hope to prepare me to do more fashion work down the road.   Here are some of my latest works:

This right here is simply a traditional headshot.  I prefer a clean look that allows casting directors to see who INTO YOUR SOUL!!  Ok, well maybe that’s too far.  But you get it!

There’s something about pinup photography that is really awesome.  Some effects were added to give it more of that “vintage painting” look.  These pictures were done for a client of mine who was entering a pinup competition.  Hopefully she won!!

This client isn’t a model – but she wanted to feel like one for a day! We ended up shooting at a place called Salvage One.  The stuff in there will make your head explode from awesomeness. A lot of my clients aren’t in fact models, but rather men and women who want some unique photos taken of themselves.  I’ve had experience with models of all skill levels.


The last two were simply personal fine art projects I’ve recently completed.  As many of you know, my goal here is to use my fine art as a segue into fashion photography.  Since fashion is an expression of art, I feel the two blend together.

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