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I really can’t believe March is already over- where does the time go!? And how about this weather?! One week it’s in the 80’s, this week is in the 40’s.  Get it together, Chicago! Weather aside, I have to admit March was one of the most satisfying months I’ve had in quite a while.  In addition to my usual Chicago baby photography gigs and dominating the company March madness bracket, I’ve also had an influx of creative projects – which, to speak honestly, is why I got in the photography business in the first place. These first two shots are of recent headshot sessions.  The first one is for an aspiring actress and the other was just for fun 🙂

Now now, I know these aren’t THAT creative (afterall, you can’t get too creative with headshots), but hey, I still had a lot of fun.  These next few photos were done for a Chicago-based singer/songwriter.  Much like traditional headshots, promotional photography sessions are meant to capture the spirit of the client.  The difference is that we can get a bit more creative with the lighting and post processing. 

After doing a part of the session using the studio backdrop, we decided to go on the roof.  Using my awesome set of Quadras, I felt we were able to create a very modernized LA-noir look 🙂

Adjusting the lights, we were able to give the photos more of a modern fashion feel to them.

To loosen things up a bit while shooting inside, we put on one of Yovelah’s singles and had her rock out while I clicked away.

This last photo was a passion fine art piece I had the opportunity to shoot last weekend.  I had recently acquired 500 ball pit balls (you know, for the baby photography) and was itching to use them in a more playful matter.  I had found myself at this amazingly beautiful house in Glen Elyn, IL when I discovered this ridiculously awesome bathtub. Fun fun!



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