Chicago Baby Photography Studio Session [6 Month Old]

You know how over winter I was always complaining about doing too many baby shoots in the studio?  Well, now that it’s been warmer (or atleast, back and forth), it means I’ve been ALL over the city again.  That said, when I had the opportunity to do a session at the studio this weekend, I was more than excited!  Here are some of the results:

She was sucking her thumb! Oh my gaaad, the cuteness!  For this I went ahead and cooled off the image by adjusting the color temperature towards blue and increasing saturation in the purples and blues.

To give some information on the processing used here, it’s actually pretty simple.  The split toning was a beige/blue combo while increasing the yellow saturation about 50%.  I like it!

The little one was a bit skeptical of me, but we were able to open her up a bit with a good ‘ole fashioned tickle.  Works like a charm, haha.

This image has only received basic color correction treatment through an increase in contrast and vibrance.  For the final product, I very well may edit out that little bit of spit.

Like a boss.

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