Chicago Fahsion Photographer – Model Session on the Roof!

At the end of a very crazy weekend, I was happy knowing I had an appointment booked with one of my favorite return clients.   Since we had already developed a bit of a rapport from our previous fashion shoots, I felt more comfortable trying some new things with her.  Aside from using the keno fluorescent lights against a black backdrop, I was also able to incorporate a 3rd monolight in some of the action.  Bare in mind, the following images have not been retouched yet 🙂

I really really like the way the kenos worked with the black backdrop.  The use of 3 of those badboys gives this image a certain “sharpness” that I really enjoy. Definitely more on the glamour side than high fashion 🙂

Working with different parts of the studio was fun.  This was shot against one of our kitchen dividers 🙂

It was fun shooting with lower-powered lights to maintain the bokeh (the blurriness of the background).

The last part of the fashion shoot has us going on the roof of the studio to snap a few.  While it was still too early to get an awesome “sunset” shot, bringing out the portable lights proved to be well worth it.  Because it was still really sunny, the lights helped us even out the shadows rather nicely.



  1. Zeezoo | 28 Jun 2012 at 5:36 pm | Reply

    Oh my goodness the acutal photos are SPECTACULAR!!!

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