Chicago Model Photography – A Session with Luis Grant

Last week I was approached with the opportunity to take some portfolio photos for an awesome guy here in Chicago named Luis Grant.  For those of you out of the loop, Luis recently was featured in America’s Got Talent as part of a dance crew that made it all the way to the semi-finals.  He recently has made the decision to pursue his career by moving to New York and as such, wanted a fresh batch of model portfolio images to help him land on his feet in the Big Apple.  After an almost 2 hour drive to a field in Naperville, these are the results:

For this fashion shoot I implemented a graduated filter to help bring out the blueness of the sky.  Epic skies = awesome.  It’s a shame there weren’t any awesome clouds in the sky (and I’m too lazy to photoshop them in, haha).

At first we had a bit of a technical difficulty with our portable studio lights, but luckily I brought a spare!

For most of the shoot, I was switching between my 35mm and 135mm lenses – the 135 really does a good job at help slimming out the model (not like Luis needed it, though hah)



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