Industrial Chicago Child Photography Session

Most of the on-location shoots I do for family session tend to be in local parks or in the backyard of the parents’ home, but every now and again, I have clients asking me for a more “industrial” themed child photoshoot.  Luckily for us, we’re located in the heart of the meat-packing district here in the West Loop so finding an industrial setting for a child photoshoot isn’t hard at all.  Here are some pictures from a recent family session:

Just across the street from the studio is this GIANT warehouse with these enormous pillars.  If you’ve kept up with some of my previous baby photography, you’ll know I like to shoot there 🙂  I couldn’t have asked this little girl to pose any better (she did it all by herself!! Too cute!)

Shooting on the train tracks seems a bit risky, but don’t worry, we were on an inactive track with both parents on guard “just in case” 🙂

After trying to get the hair out of her face, we realized it would be more indicative of who she is as a person to keep it.  This photo really lent itself to some awesome split-toning work to give it that “harsh” look.  This is something that I’d say seldom works when photographing children or babies.

Seeing as how the West Loop more or less turns into a ghost town on Sundays, Lake Street was perfect for a children’s shoot 🙂

We decided to end the child photography session by enjoying some of the ivy on the building across the street from the studio 🙂  The parents said they didn’t want anything that “screamed” Chicago so I felt the ivy and underneath the L-track were subtle ways to represent this awesome city 🙂




  1. Marie (Mimi) Johnson | 25 Jun 2012 at 10:23 pm | Reply

    My BEAUTIFUL granddaughters! Thank you for your beautiful work!
    From Ella and Vivi’s grandmother (Mimi).

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