Chicago Children’s Photographer – Two Brothers in the Park

Keeping up with my past tradition to attempt and shoot on the hottest and coldest days of the year, today I had the fortunate opportunity to take some photos of two awesome young brothers nearby at Humboldt Park. We started the photography session earlier in the morning, because honestly, who wants to shoot when it’s 110 degrees outside?  After walking around the park for a little bit (this was my first time ever going to Humboldt Park let alone hosting a photography session), we finally found some awesome climbing trees for the boys to have some fun in.

When posing toddlers and young children for a family photoshoot, you basically have to set them up to succeed.  In the instance above, we found a shady area near the water and told the little dude to see if he could climb on the railing.


The brothers were seeing who could climb further up the tree.  I swear, these guys were such characters.

Hangin’ around.  I love how he managed to still keep a smile for the camera!

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