Chicago Baby Photographer – Oak Park Session

I recently had the opportunity to travel west to Oak Park, and though I may be alone on this one, I was happy for the chance to shoot outside the city for a change (I know, I know – it’s BARELY outside the city, but still!).  Starting the session off at Scoville Park, I was really excited because A) I had never been to that park before and B) I knew I was taking photographs of 18-month old twins.

Let me say, photography sessions with ONE 18-month old are plenty to handle.  When you have two, it can sometimes be a challenge controlling the chaos.  Needless to say, these two toddlers were absolutely amazing to work with.  It’s amazing how awesome twins are to each other. 🙂

The classic, “What are you looking at?” face.  Never gets old!

By this time of the photo session we had made our way to nearby Austin Gardens.  With a more “forresty” look than Scoville Park, I thought it offered a nice change of scenery! While we weren’t exactly sure if we were going to bother going to second location at first, I’m certainly glad we did 🙂

I don’t care what anyone says, you’re never too old to give or receive a high-five.



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