Chicago Family Photographer – Senior Portraits in Oak Brook

I had the fortune of taking photos of an amazing family out in Oak Brook this weekend and as is the case with a lot of my trips to the suburbs, I really had no idea what I was getting into.  The one thing that I did know was that the oldest son needed to snap a few senior portraits as he is attending Illinois State University this Fall and that we may be going to a nearby park after finishing up some photos around the house.  Well, turns out the family had secretly found an area outside of Butler National Golf Course that had this awesome bridge, green space, and tall grass.  Here are the results!

Classic look – nothing too fancy.  Just a dude leaning up against a tree.  Future scholar!

Again – classic pose.  This little lady is actually an aspiring model and apparently has had a few gigs including some work with Kohl’s!  She’s a natural!

After leaving my pup with my folks when I moved from Georgia, I relish any chance I get to spend with dogs (afterall, dogs are just as part of the family as kids are haha).   This guy right here… total beast. Love it.

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