Six Month Old Session in Humboldt Park – Chicago Baby Photography

I had another opportunity to take photographs at Humboldt Park- as usual it was AWESOME!  This time, however, I was taking photos of a bright-eyed 6 month old little dude.  Here are some of my favorites from the photography session!

baby photographer

Shooting in front of this massive tree, I felt it really gave the photo some perspective in terms of the size of the little one 🙂

chicago baby photography

If you’ve been keeping up with the baby blog as of late, you’ll know I’ve been doing some more black and whites lately.  It helps hide the situations when the lighting isn’t exactly the way you want it (notice the really blown out floor – in black and white I feel it works!)

humboldt park baby photography

Too cute!

baby photography post procession

Went a little crazy on the post-processing on this one, but I feel it gives it a cool country look.

chicago baby photographer

This young man was quite the little daredevil!  (Fret not, this is photoshopped :))


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