Brother and Sister in Oak Park (Taylor Park) – Chicago Family Photographer

After some confusion as to the location of the shoot (who woulda thunk there was more than 1 Taylor Park in the Chicagoland area!?), I finally made it to my appointment with an awesome family out in Oak Park.  We were lucky enough to get the photo shoot in just before it started to rain – here are the results:

park family photography

childrens photography with siblings

A lot of the times when taking photos of two kids (especially when one is significantly older than the other), it can be difficult to get them to hold still long enough to snap a nice portrait.  These two were as easy as pie! Look how adorable they are together!

This was my first time hosting a family photography session over at Taylor Park – I must say it really did offer an awesome variety for both little ones 🙂

The playground near by also provided a nice little play session in the midst of taking some photos 🙂

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