Three Brothers at the Studio – Chicago Childrens Photography Session

Over the weekend I had the fortune of taking photos for the awesome Rice family.  When I first put it into my notes that they had three children coming to the studio, my first thought was “Oh man, there are going to be three kids in here not wanting to get their photos taken”  However, once they arrived, it was easy to tell their energy could be harnessed into some awesome photos 🙂 While at the studio, we started by shooting formal portraits indoors then following that up by taking a stroll around the neighborhood.  Here are my favorite photos:


The three boys were all awesome and totally brought the right attitude to the shoot.

After finishing the “boring” studio pictures – we went outside and got some awesome industrial-themed photos of the boys.  They were hysterical!

For a set I decided to go crazy and open my aperature as wide as it would go (1.4 in this instance).  I love it.

With mom and dad’s permission (and supervision), we took the shoot to an abandoned train line and did a few group shots there.  Look at these guys! Totally awesome.


  1. Tom Ward | 11 Oct 2012 at 10:03 pm | Reply

    Players in the making?


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