The End of Autumn Photography Shoot at Humboldt Park with an AWESOME family :)

It’s around this time of year when shooting outside starts to get a bit tricky, especially for shoots involving children.  Why, do you ask?  Well, because despite the parks still looking as beautiful as ever (mostly), the temperature is dropping fast.  That said, it’s still not too late to photography outside! Take it from my latest family over at Humboldt Park.  Despite being a little chilly in the morning, we pulled through and were able to get some awesome photos!  Here are the results:

I knew this big guy and I would get along from the second I saw his Pikachu pin.  I’m not so sure about you guys, but this photo reminds me of a young Ferris Bueller.  Totally cool!

Awesome smile!

This little lady is one tough cookie! Not only does she have two older brothers (I’m sure some of you with older brothers will understand), but she was able to endure the 40 degree day with ease! As you can see, however, about mid way through the shoot we reconvened in the family’s car for a quick warm up 🙂

Inspecting leaves for butterfly larva – I totally never noticed them before the kids pointed them out to me! Learn something new every day

Too cute! The sleeves!!! Too funny!!  (I know that none of that was a complete thought, haha – but seriously, she’s freaking adorable!)


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