Three Month Old Family Photography North Side of Chicago Session (In House)

Whew – I know I’ve been neglecting the blog as of late (holiday seasons are always really busy), but let it be known that it has been for good reasons! Getting back into the swing of things, I recently had the opportunity to visit a family’s home to photograph their 3 month old son.  It’s been some time since I had the chance to do a more candid session at the client’s home so I was excited to get back to my roots a bit.  Here are my 5 favorite:

baby photography in hte home chicago

At first the little man was a bit fussy with having a camera in his face.  Our solution? See below.

baby with bottle photography

Nothing like a fresh bottle,  eh?  He was as good as new after his recharge 🙂

The family had such an awesome couch there was no way I was going to NOT use it.  He looks comfy!

The family also had an awesome dog – as you can tell, the little pooch was pretty friendly with the little bub.

I always feel proud capturing those fleeting moments when 3 month olds pick their head up while on their belly.  While some babies are quick to fuss while laying on their stomach, others allow me to tolerate it just enough to snap a few winners 🙂

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