In Home Brother and Sister Photography Session Chicago

What amazing weather we’ve been having! Seriously, I hope everyone has been able to take advantage like I have.  One of my favorite sessions over the weekend featured a little brother and bigger sister.  I was so happy we were able to take some pictures outside, too! Here are my favorites 🙂

north chicago baby portrait

Haha – that lollipop was our godsend during the shoot.  Looks like that little guy liked it, too 🙂

One of the biggest advantages of shooting at home is that it helps the kids relax for the camera.  This little one seems up to trouble 🙂

When I first arrived I was interrupting breakfast.  It was the perfect time to introduce myself to the little ones.  I love the way the color of his eyes look in this one 🙂 You’ll notice the heavier bokeh than usual given the lower-light conditions of shooting on location at the client’s home.  Luckily, their house was covered with natural light!


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