It’s 2013 already!? THE STATE OF THE UNION: Winston and Khan


The past few months have been absolutely insane.  In addition to  the usual holiday season explosion, I was working on the side to launch my own personal site to showcase the work that I felt wouldn’t really fit with the theme of Winston and Khan and who we are as a boutique family photography studio.  Introducing: Steven Kowalski Photography.  Now I know what many of you are thinking: Does this mean you’re abandoning Winston and Khan!?   No way!!  Winston and Khan will and always has been priority number one.  But that said, the reason for launching SKP does illustrate a shift in where I want to go as a photographer in 2013 and beyond.

The greatest benefit to taking on a huge number of clients is the experience gained with every shoot.  Because of the sheer volume of people I was able to shoot over the past 18 months, I have had the opportunity to get more experience in one year than most photographers receive in five. The result of this hard work is that  I’ve also been able to drastically improve on my post production abilities.   When you are touching up and adjusting 100’s to 1000’s of photos a week, you tend to get pretty comfortable behind the monitor.  To put it frank, however, I felt the need to flex my creative muscle a bit because retouching the same genre of photos over and over again can become slightly tedious.  The goal for 2013 is to take these skills to the next level and push myself alongside this studio towards the commercial and fashion side of this industry.

That said, nothing about Winston and Khan is changing as a result of this ambition to get more into the commercial side of baby photography.  Our pricing, packages, books, etc are not going up in price for our normal, everyday consumer.  In fact, the more commercial work that we’re able to land, the exact opposite may happen!

Bring on 2013!



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