Child Modeling Portfolio Services

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So you want your child to become a model/actor?

Hey, that’s awesome! Acting and modeling, just like any extracurricular activity, provide your child with an outlet to express his or her individuality.  But unlike normal activities – such as baseball or cheerleading – it’s up to the parent to guide and set a regiment through which the child can flourish.

Here at Winston and Khan we offer photography packages that will help your child get started, and in some cases, help take your kid’s passion to a bigger stage.  Over the years, we’ve worked with child models and actors from Chicago’s biggest agencies and have seen a number of clients go on to be featured in magazines, feature films, and even national commercials.

Now here’s the thing: There’s no magic formula that we  (or ANYONE for that matter… well… maybe  besides Disney) can offer to instantly propel your child into stardom .  Part of it is the child’s talent/look, part of it is the flexibility of the parents’ work schedule, and part of it does, in fact, boil down to luck.   But as a parent overseeing your child’s involvement (and potentially career) in the acting/modeling industry, it’s your duty to make sure your kids have the adequate tools to succeed.  Here’s what we can do:

Child Modeling Services


Ages 4-5+

For younger children, you’ll be better off booking a family photography session and using any of the solo photographs of the child for their “headshot” (Though to reiterate, I wouldn’t consider a headshot on anyone younger than four).  At the end of the day, having professional photos help catch the eye of agents/casting directors.   Once your child reaches  4-5 years of age, you’ll ideally want to update his or her headshot about once a year.

Portfolio Building

Ages 4-5+

The next step is to define (in a general and more specific terms) what roles your child seems best suited for and from there, build a portfolio that supports it! Anything from fashion and commercial work to conceptual and character work – we can do some AMAZING photographs that help bring out your the uniqueness of your little one.


Check out our blog for informative posts on child modeling and acting (FAQ’s, tips for parents, local agency information, etc)!